A chess game with pieces scattered all over the place
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Instead, adopt an infinite product mindset, every time.

There is no single template — so where do you start?

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Don’t wait for leadership to happen. Self-lead instead.

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I’ve made a framework for choosing frameworks. Inception much?

Header Image: Example story mapping using post-it notes
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  • Many managers simply want to focus on creating value and solutions to problems faced today, not tomorrow.
  • Many managers focus on…

Sometimes you shouldn’t play as a Tetris world champion would.

Illustration of a laptop with Tetris tiles falling right to left, on a laptop, with each piece representing a backlog item
The dangerous game of product backlog Tetris — Illustration by Andrew Quan

Know your audience and prepare a compelling narrative

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Mental Health

A simple system to change your relationship with anxiety forever.

Image of a women, on the floor, anxious and stressed
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  • I worried about the…

One does not simply design without team alignment and clarity.

An image of a happy feature kickoff team : product designer, engineer, customer success manager, among others!
Design vector created by stories — www.freepik.com

Play to your strengths, outsource your weaknesses, and partner for insights

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Andrew Quan

VP of Product @ TIER Mobility | Memos on Product, Leadership, Startups, and the Mind | andrewquan.net

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