I'm a strong believer that Empathy is the greatest cross-functional leadership trait needed in modern-day work. Without out it, you miss out on a true connection between yourself, your colleagues, your partners and your customer.

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Empathy is often dismissed and thought of as fluffy wishy-washy feeling that belongs to a sing-along at a campfire. But it shouldn't be this way. This post has three key tips to be more empathetic:

1. Paraphrase: Active listening for verbal cues

2. Question: asking curiously and respectfully

3. Watch for non-verbal cues: pay attention and mimic body language and gestures.

Let's practice these on a daily basis to show each other that we are all human, after all. 👍

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Head of Product @ Littlepay | Writing memos on Product, Leadership, Startups, and the Mind | andrewquan.net

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